Adolesco AB Teams With Aventyn® to Introduce the Cardiotom™ Mobile 3D Gamma Camera Imaging Solution to India - Adolesco

Adolesco AB Teams With Aventyn ® to Introduce the CardiotomTM Mobile 3D Gamma Camera Imaging Solution to India

Strategic Partnership Brings Innovative Imaging Solution to Hospitals, ER and Physician Offices.

Aventyn Inc., an innovative provider of connected clinical information processing solutions, has announced the introduction to the Indian market of the CardiotomTM, a mobile 3D clinical imaging solution in partnership with Adolesco AB of Stockholm, Sweden. 

CardiotomTM is a mobile tomographic 3D gamma camera unit that can be positioned and used at hospital wards without moving or interfering with the patient's safety and comfort. Image acquisition time is approximately 2 minutes with the entire process from radionuclide injection to final results taking less than 10 minutes. The Cardiotom's novel design allows for rapid unpacking and deployment by connecting the unit to a wall socket thereby reducing installation time and maintenance cost. Cardiotom's mobile form factor and efficient geometry makes the solution ideal for use in the emergency room for cardiac stress testing as well as for intensive care requirements following cardiac surgery.

This innovative solution saves lives by greatly improving the efficiency and quality of healthcare delivery, resulting in significant benefits to hospitals and patients alike. This mutually beneficial partnership creates a synergistic link between Adolesco's Cardiotom and Aventyn with its connected CLIP® clinical information solution. Furthermore, Aventyn's global presence, particularly in India, with a very high-demand for mobile clinical solutions will work to accelerate the Cardiotom's adoption rates. Aventyn will specifically configure custom solutions for India healthcare customers, and provide ongoing support for the Cardiotom along with its connected CLIP® solution. "We are very excited to partner with Adolesco on this revolutionary imaging solution," said Navin Govind, CEO at Aventyn. "The Cardiotom is a powerful mobile unit with a form factor that can be used at hospitals and physician offices to save lives and improve healthcare efficiency." "This is a key relationship for Adolesco," said Nils-Arne Lindqvist, CEO Adolesco AB. "With Aventyn's strong regional presence we will be able to provide our newest clients an advanced, yet affordable clinical solution that meets our mutual healthcare customers immediate needs."

About Adolesco

Adolesco is the company behind the innovative CardiotomTM product. Cardiotom was created by researchers from Karolinska Hospital, Karolinska institute, Novum and KTH in Stockholm, Sweden. The privately owned Adolesco started operations in the year 2006. The founding team's intimate involvement in the business gives Adolseco an outstanding competence in its field.

About Aventyn

Aventyn is the first company to deliver innovative connected information processing solutions with its standards based connected CLIP® solution that is deployed at hospitals and physician offices to securely manage patient-centric health information and related assets. Aventyn (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aventyn Inc., USA. Aventyn is a Microsoft Certified Partner and an Intel Software Partner. 

Cardiotom is a trademark owned by ADOLESCO AB,  Stockholm

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