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3D Mobile Gamma Camera - CardiotomTM

"Cardiotom is the name of the Mobile 3D Gamma Camera that comes to patient's bed and is a fast and helpful tool for the Doctor or Physicist that have to give correct diagnoses." 

Adolesco is the company behind the CardiotomTM Mobile 3D Gamma Camera product. Adolesco is responsible for development, production and marketing. Cardiotom was created by researchers from Karolinska Hospital, Karolinska institute, Novum and KTH in Stockholm, Sweden.

A Portable Gamma Camera saves lives and money

A portable Gamma Camera has several advantages compared to a traditional stationary digital Gamma Camera:

  • Comes to the patient
  • Fully mobile
  • Acquisition time 2 minutes
  • Final results 10 minutes
  • Short training period
  • Pays for itself in 18 month

Cardiotom Gamma Camera is a fully mobile unit

Cardiotom 3D Mobile Gamma Camera can be positioned and used at the hospital bed without moving the patient and the acquisition time is about 2 minutes. Read more about the Mobile Gamma Camera »





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The Medtech Magazine has an article in Swedish in its number 4 issue for 2014. You can read it here.

A Brand New Generation of Cardiotom, Mark V, has now been validated. More details ...

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